So… we all feeling?  Rehearsals are intense.  Actors are fab.  Lorraine is working like a dog.  Things are coming together.

Press releases have been sent, some replies, some not.  Of course they still have time to put us on their lists.  Fingers crossed.

Posters and flyers are meeting us in Edinburgh, hope they look good.

Banner and program; work in progress.

Budget……hmmmmm…….lalalallalalla……wefund campaign has helped loads……thank you to everyone who supported us.

Now all we can do is rehearse, rehearse and make it the best show we possibly can.  It is very exciting watching rehearsals and seeing how Lorraine and the actors are working.  I think the thing I’ve learnt along this process is leave the decisions to the actors and the director.   The writer should and must stay away…..I’m sure Lorraine would agree with this statement.  But, it’s hard.  Letting go and keeping my mouth shut is harddddddd.  I must learn it and quickly!  The way they are all working is great and they seem to have been this little group of 8 forever.  The actors all have this amazing amount of energy, they are funny and optimistic and generally all quite brilliant.  I love Lorraine.  She is clever and witty and creative and knows how to develop the work into the best possible performance it can be.

We haven’t fallen out, I’m sure there is still time, but so far….no falling outs.  A bit of frustration, a little annoyance, a few stern looks then a glass of wine, all pretty normal really.

This week is the last week of rehearsals and I’d say we are in quite good shape.  The roller coaster journey of this whole process has meant that actually arriving in Edinburgh will seem a bit surreal possibly.  I’ve only got one thing to say to Edinburgh……bring it on…we are ready for you!