After auditions for two new cast members, Grace and Sam joined the company last weekend for the first whole cast Consumption rehearsals. The original cast members had previously created a “game” around some random objects; an old tap, a wooden spoon and a cardboard cable reel. This has somehow become an initiation for anyone joining us. The game involves two teams wheelbarrowing each other in a race to get the spoon or tap and trying to fit the objects into the holes in the reel while avoiding physical attacks from the opposing team. It is ridiculous, violent and hilarious to watch while they cheat, scream at each other and collapse on the floor.
Besides the ridiculous game the weekend was a creative and productive one. We worked through the whole play, starting with what we visualised when we think of the play – drawing these revealed two things, we all saw the play in a similar way and our drawing skills were quite limited. Georgia’s (otherwise known as Cornick) poor drawing showed two people in what looked like a compromising position and resulted in the first rule of Consumption – this cannot be shared in polite company but when made into an anagram is – A Anon Mumbling!
We then went on to look at each of the scenes in turn, discussing its relevance within the whole play and creating a visual reference for them. The company were motivated to get to the heart of what each scene was saying and how we wanted the audience to react and feel. Working physically they lifted, pulled, caressed, attacked and climbed over each other. At one point Jessica physically challenged Jason and Mark and won, two strapping blokes against one petite but determined woman reflected the characters in the play who would stop at nothing to get what they want.
At the end of the weekend we all felt we had a clear idea of what the show will look and feel. Now we just need to realise that. Can we do it? Of course we can. With this company I think we can achieve anything – but remember – the first rule of Consumption is – A Anon Mumbling.

Here come the girls

the girls

Zoe Matthews, Georgia “Cornick”, Jessica Sterling & Grace Bussey

And here are the lads


Jason Homewood, Mark Wallington & Sam Whitfield