Lorraine mentioned annoyance in her previous blog……I have my own grounds for being annoyed and here it is.

I get very annoyed by myself or other people being late. it’s just annoying. I have to get everywhere on time and unfortunately that means I think everyone else should too. That includes Lorraine.

I’m not really sure how she gets to work on time or makes productions happen as needed but she does, somehow. I find this quite odd as when she is meeting with me she is always late. Has been for the whole time I’ve known her. We discussed this the other day and she was quick to point out the times she has not actually been late. Granted, she’s right. She can remember exactly when she has been on time! More oddness because I don’t remember each event where she has or hasn’t been on time, its just a general annoyance that she is normally late.

So after twenty years of lateness here are her three times she’s been on time. `She is very proud of this so I thought I’d share with the world.

1. She was on time for my wedding! I should hope so too!!!!!!

2. Halloween party. On time, dressed and ready to go! I was shocked!

3. Board meeting. She knew I’d be mad at her if she was late. To be fair she was coming from Hertfordshire to Hampshire so this was particularly fab.

Anyway, enough complaining about the lateness, she won’t do it in Edinburgh at least, she’ll have me there yelling at her. The great thing about a twenty year friendship is that I’m allowed to yell……occasionally.