Today we are going to chat with the lovely Georgia.

So….Georgia…..How is Edinburgh treating you?

I love Edinburgh, so much good stuff on, show is going well, surrounded by all the friends (cast).  The highlights have been going to Cav, a nightclub with the cast.  Only twenty people in the club and we were eight of them.  Danced till we got kicked out.  Funny.  Our first sell our show on 8th was amazing.  So unexpected and it was a preview! It’s wicked.

Tell us who your favourite person is in the house and why?

Zoe!  For being my carer and looking after me.  She’s made me laugh, she’s done some of my washing and we have little chats at bed time.  She wakes me up in the morning and this is very helpful, otherwise I wouldn’t get up in time for the show.

Third week of the run, how’s it going?

It’s wicked but keeping energy up is the main issue so I’m not drinking, going to bed early and eating properly.  (She’s lying)  Honestly, the adrenaline kicks in and you are ready to do it.  The vocal warm up is the most important thing EVER and we do this religiously every day.

How does this fringe compare with your last one?

When  I first got off the bus last year a woman told me that my first fringe would be the best but I think they just get better and better.  I’m closer with the cast as it’s a smaller group.  This piece is physically challenging so again I’ve learnt about pacing myself.  New writing has meant we have had to promote the show ourselves and this means that it is more worthwhile because we are bringing in the audience ourselves.  Tough but rewarding.