Another day, another gorgeous actor.  Jason is chatting with us.

End of the second week, how you feeling?

Exhausted but still buzzing.  I’m exhausted from drinking too much beer and not getting enough sleep.  I’ve been working hard and playing hard.  I’m buzzing cause I’m doing something I love.  I didn’t know what to expect coming up here and its been better than I thought  because we’ve had sell out shows and reviewers in.  The second preview we had sold out and we never expected it.  Then we carried on selling out and it was just really exciting.  The excitement has continued and we are all really pleased with how it’s going.  It’s been great fun.

What’s been the best thing about the whole experience?

Coming to Scotland!  I’ve never been before and I felt like I was coming on my holidays. I got this wrong cause Jo and Lorraine are ruthless and demanding.  Even two weeks in, I thought they might have relaxed by now!  I’m really happy Lorraine has finally done this.  She’s tried to change the ending AGAIN today for the third time.

Do you like your bizarre characters?

Yeah, I love them , a lot of fun, over acting and playing weird people.  I love a play that allows you this type of freedom.  It’s also exciting using a brand new script because I feel like I’m now part of the original production and I’ve made some concrete character decisions.

What’s it like living in the house?

A bit mental, it’s like constantly being sat at Alice in Wonderland’s tea party.  You have no idea where anyone is or what they are doing or what they’ve seen or who is visiting but then every morning we sling on our two42 t-shirts and come together for notes like nothing has happened.  It’s just like a family only with one shower.  We have a strange morning routine where nine of us need to shower.