This week we are talking to our beautiful actors about how its all going.

First up……Zoe who play’s Marion.

So Zoe…..How is Edinburgh?

Edinburgh is beautiful, yesterday I walked up Arthur’s seat and I might even have a bit of a tan.  The buzz here is like noting else, you’d think it would die down but it hasn’t at all.  Being part of it all is one of the best experiences ever but also the amount of things I’ve been able to see has been a massive treat.

What’s it like living with eight other people?

Never a dull moment.  It’s our little house of madness and where we all release our inner mad selves.  In fact I’ve got a hairy bum wriggling in my face as I’m talking to you.  (Courtesy of Jason)  It is rather a nice bum though.  The highlight of the house has been sitting down to dinner for the first time with the sun setting behind us.  Feels like a family.

How’s the show going?

Really well, we’ve had great audiences every day and we should be proud of what we’ve achieved.  The flying really works.  This week we’ve played around with some details to keep it fresh, some dialogue or movement.  It keeps us focused and keeps our characters alive and stops us becoming stale.  Marion is a challenging part due to her age and what she goes through but I’ve loved the challenge and feel more confident playing older roles.

How are Lorraine and Jo?

They are our mum’s and when they bicker we are all scared they might get a divorce.  Lorraine has cooked some delicious vegan food except in the morning when all the boys need the loo at the same time!  Jo keeps up our fluid intake!  I don’t mean water!!!!!!