My Name is Eva, NOT EVIE!


Over the last few months I have been working on a piece of Verbatim Theatre, carrying out interviews with the girl the piece is about.  She is someone I have know since she was a young child and having seen her grow up and then […]

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Creativity takes time……

It has been ages since I’ve written a blog and after the excitement of Edinburgh it has been time to sit down and really reflect on the writing and how to take this forward.  I guess the thing I learnt at Edinburgh was that it could have been better.  The […]

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Reflections with Mark

After returning from Edinburgh over a month ago I am chatting to Mark, who played Seb in Consumption, about the whole experience.

So Mark, how would you describe your Edinburgh experience?

“How would I describe it? It was better than I could have imagined it to be, it was brilliant. The best […]

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Talking with Sam

Today we are chatting with the very handsome Sam.

So, you’ve been poorly, how you feeling now?

Much better, on top form.

Does the Edinburgh flu exist?  Or is it a myth?

Yes, but its also to do with tiredness and you start to pay for late nights.  The whole house has been ill […]

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Blogs from the actors – Georgia

Today we are going to chat with the lovely Georgia.

So….Georgia…..How is Edinburgh treating you?

I love Edinburgh, so much good stuff on, show is going well, surrounded by all the friends (cast).  The highlights have been going to Cav, a nightclub with the cast.  Only twenty people in the club and […]

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Blogs from the actors – Jason

Another day, another gorgeous actor.  Jason is chatting with us.

End of the second week, how you feeling?

Exhausted but still buzzing.  I’m exhausted from drinking too much beer and not getting enough sleep.  I’ve been working hard and playing hard.  I’m buzzing cause I’m doing something I love.  I didn’t know […]

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Blogs from the actors – Zoe

This week we are talking to our beautiful actors about how its all going.

First up……Zoe who play’s Marion.

So Zoe…..How is Edinburgh?

Edinburgh is beautiful, yesterday I walked up Arthur’s seat and I might even have a bit of a tan.  The buzz here is like noting else, you’d think it would […]

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9 days till we arrive in Edinburgh

So…..how we all feeling?  Rehearsals are intense.  Actors are fab.  Lorraine is working like a dog.  Things are coming together.

Press releases have been sent, some replies, some not.  Of course they still have time to put us on their lists.  Fingers crossed.

Posters and flyers are meeting us in Edinburgh, hope […]

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Big Love for our actors

They are funny, beautiful, skilled and not getting paid enough.  The thing that drives people to do what they love is a weird concept.  No amount of training or lecturing prepares you for the realities of being a working actor.   Our actors are travelling to rehearsals, working like dogs […]

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A Anon Mumbling

After auditions for two new cast members, Grace and Sam joined the company last weekend for the first whole cast Consumption rehearsals. The original cast members had previously created a “game” around some random objects; an old tap, a wooden spoon and a cardboard cable reel. This has somehow become […]

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