It has been ages since I’ve written a blog and after the excitement of Edinburgh it has been time to sit down and really reflect on the writing and how to take this forward.  I guess the thing I learnt at Edinburgh was that it could have been better.  The writing I mean.  After the reviewers had come and spun their thoughts  it helped me.  It made me realise that this old process of writing takes time.  It made me realise that I need to work harder and it made me realise that I owe it to every audience to get it right. I knew all this before Edinburgh but now there seems to be a clarity that wasn’t quite there before.

I think trying things out in rehearsed readings is crucial.  To hear the words delivered in someone else’s mind is vital.  If I cringe, it needs changing.  If I’m screaming in my head ‘NO, DON”T DO IT LIKE THAT’ then it should be clearer on the page.  So, linking with theatres has been an important thing for me to do over the last six months and it’s helped.  Meeting people who want to do the same kind of things, often quite isolated, makes you realise you are not alone.  Writing can be lonely but meeting other writers that are in the same situation is great.  A little life line of people all scribbling away, trying to write the best thing they can.

So that’s what I’ve been doing.  Writing, writing and writing.  My desk looks like anarchy.  I try and tidy it before I start writing but it doesn’t work, I have to write, it’s becoming a little addiction.  Why tidy the desk when I can write?  I am actually a very tidy person but not in this space.  Something is much more important than clearing up cups.  I’m currently looking at four cups all in various states of neglect.  I think the longest one has been here for about two weeks.  I’ll move it…..soon.

Structure and the story arc need to be better.  I’ve been re-reading all my favourite Arthur Miller plays of late and he was genius at the three act structure.  Trying to write to this formula is helping.  There are rules, rules I need to pay more attention too.  When we did ‘Consumption’ the one act rule was looser, less rigid and lots of fun because things could be played around with more.  I think the thing I need to do is experiment with all types of structure until I find something that works every time.  I’m still trying and I’m still learning.

I want to write something that Two42 can be proud of and that Lorraine wants to direct!  Lorraine is also working on a research project at the moment so whoever is ready first, that is the piece we will take forward to production.  I like that we are working on separate things, I like that we can have the freedom to work on our own ideas and I like creating work that we want to produce.   Watch this space for the next production…or next reading….or next audition..….these things take time.