When you start to think about your production and how you are going to sell that production within another 2999 performances going on through the same month it makes me sweat.  I am NOT, in any shape or form a publicist and I do not have the funds to obtain one.  So what are we doing????  Trying, against all the odds, to do it ourselves!  I’m starting to think maybe Edinburgh isn’t the best place to start this mad journey, why will people come and see our piece instead of a brilliant established stand up comedy show?    See why the sweating is happening?

Last night I woke up at 4am, thinking or dreaming at least that I’d missed the technical rehearsal.  Not really something you want to do as there is ONE time slot designated to your company and if you miss it…..well…..hence the sweat.   Anyway, that’s one for Lorraine to worry about, it helped me get back to sleep at least.

Anyway I’ve thought about why people will come and see our piece possibly over a brilliant stand up comedy show and its this……..new writing is exciting!  It’s current and its bold!  It’s observing how and why society functions as it does.  Its funny, its thought provoking and its challenging.  Consumption enters into a society that over consumes, making the people unlikeable, but if this drives everyone then the normalisation of it makes it acceptable. There is nothing odd about this behaviour or the character’s motives.

Theatre and new writing has to exist in order to drive theatre forwards.  We have to put ourselves on the line and whatever the outcome we will have done it along side 2999 other shows.   Being one of those shows is brilliant, scary and yes…..IT MAKES ME SWEAT!