‘Lorraine and you won’t be friends by the end of Edinburgh, the pressure will be too much on your friendship, and by the end of it you’ll hate each other!’

This worried me…..a lot.  The pressure of producing a show is bad enough, the intricate details of taking something to Edinburgh is no small task.  Then I have to contend with falling out with a very old and dear friend.  A few weeks of pondering this problem and I spoke with Lorraine.  She looked blank (she does this sometimes) but immediately said ‘I don’t want to do it then!’  Bless.  I was shocked at her response.  I thought she’d soothe me a bit, tell me not to be silly, stroke my arm etc but no, her response was immediate and honest and I think she meant it.  I know she meant it!  What would be the point of all this stress and time and money to then not have my drinking buddy!  Or her drinking buddy?  Or indeed either buddy.  I hate the word buddy…..must find a better word.

So, one of the pitfalls of going to Edinburgh is that we will fall out and end up hating each other.  A note to myself here, I’ve never hated anyone so I’m hardly going to start with Lorraine am I?

I do have a couple of very simple answers to this problem.  One of the reasons we are friends is because over the past twenty years we have both picked each other up from various dance floors across the UK and helped the other get home safely while the other is normally vomiting across the chosen dance floor.  I hasten to add we were much more likely to have been in our twenties at this point in the relationship!  Note to Lorraine:  Tubes, Melton Mowbray, remember I had to clean the taxi?   So, one answer to our problem is to make sure we have fun.  Not necessarily the drunken sort but the kind that will make the experience something we look back on with great memories, a shared memory between friends where we are proud of what we have achieved.  A few drinks can obviously be included if the desire takes hold of us of course!

The other answer is to go and see some great comedy while we are there.  We tend to laugh at the same stuff so it should be easy enough to get a daily dose of laughter.  If I have to share a bed with her for three weeks during the festival I will need to laugh and have fun just so I can put up with her sneezing through the night.  She sneezes…..a lot.

So, easy really, no hate, fun and laughter and a daily dose of sneezing.