RehearsalTwo42 Theatre Company is basically two 42 (well we were when we decided to go with this slightly mad idea) year old women trying to write and create the best possible theatre we can.

We both have the same vision of creating work that is humorous, thought provoking and honest. We want to work as an ensemble creating work that uses text, sound and movement.  With our backgrounds of working with many young people we would like to give an opportunity for up and coming young talent.

Theatre and indeed all art forms are constantly fighting for survival but we have to create the best possible work we can so that boundaries are pushed and people get excited about new work and new ways of working.

Meet Our Team

Joanne Griffiths
Joanne GriffithsFounder member
BA, PGCE (post compulsory) MA (screenwriting)
Lecturer, writer, producer.
Lorraine Cushnie
Lorraine CushnieFounder member
BA, PGCE (secondary)
Head of successful drama department, teacher, director.

Without the help and guidance of some lovely people this venture would not exist. We would like to say a big thank you to:

  • Tring School for loaning us rehearsal space.
  • Mischke Weinreb for beautiful filming and photography. You can connect to more by this lovely lady at
  • The amazingly talented Emma Davidson for poster images.
  • Andrew Doig for reading and helping with script development.
  • Jane Coyle for all things legal.
  • Matthew Griffiths for all things financial and opening wine when absolutely necessary.
  • Mark Sephton for brilliant design ideas and general guidance
  • The very talented Mr Paul Moore for great music production. The brains behind Soultrax.