After returning from Edinburgh over a month ago I am chatting to Mark, who played Seb in Consumption, about the whole experience.

So Mark, how would you describe your Edinburgh experience?

“How would I describe it? It was better than I could have imagined it to be, it was brilliant. The best working holiday you could wish for. Doing what I love whilst experiencing all of the joys of the festival in great company.

Was the highlight of the festival for you?

Despite being stalked on the mile by a “fan” each morning! Getting the 4 star review was a definite highlight. The best thing has been the friendships I have made and all of us working together as a company. Some of the shows I went to see, for example my friend Brennan Reece, who is a stand up comedian, seeing him being successful great. Arthur’s Seat is always a highlight, and it was extra special this year watching Jessica, dressed like someone from Made in Chelsea climbing up swigging a bottle of Martini!

Your performance was positively singled out in several reviews, how was that?

It was nice that someone else likes what you do. You want the audience to enjoy the performance so this recognition is appreciated. (The ever modest Mark then want on to talk about the strengths of the company and them working together – he should just take the compliment!)

Edinburgh seems a long time ago. How have you adjusted back into normal life?

I found the first few weeks difficult, missing everyone, I was surprised how well we all got along. Missing the camaraderie with everyone. When that was suddenly taken away from you it feels a little empty.

Would you do it again.
Yes! In a heartbeat!

Thank you Mark

Thank you to everyone who supported Two42 with this venture. We had a blast and are planning our next project – so watch this space.