Today we are chatting with the very handsome Sam.

So, you’ve been poorly, how you feeling now?

Much better, on top form.

Does the Edinburgh flu exist?  Or is it a myth?

Yes, but its also to do with tiredness and you start to pay for late nights.  The whole house has been ill at some point.  You need stamina.

What has been your highlight of the festival?

Living with everyone, getting to know them all and doing the show.  There have been a few performances that I’ve really enjoyed.  We bounce off each other and when the audience respond to the jokes its a great feeling.  Being able to play within the confinements of the performance has been entertaining because we all feel very comfortable together.

The play is quite intimate, does this impact on the group?

I think this has helped initially but now its because we are all on the same wavelength and there is no one bringing anyone else down.

Would you do the Fringe again?

yes, definitely.  Costs are an issue so wages are a big factor but the experience is well worth it.  If you want to see things then it gets really expensive especially if you are here for the whole run.

Who is your favourite person in the house and why?

Tough question.  It’s a close run thing but I think its probably Jason.  I’ve known him a long time, before this show and we know each other and understand when we both need our own space but we can also have a good laugh together.  Sometimes we can both be quite serious, although less so with Jason!