Way back, more years than I care to remember, I sat in the staffroom of a sleepy secondary school in a small sleepy town in Rutland.  I had been employed as a newly qualified teacher to set up a Drama department, exciting and terrifying in equal measures.  I really had no idea what I was doing so adopted a demeanour of confidence while inside I quietly had a series of panic attacks.  I was meeting someone from the local FE college who was coming to help with running GCSE Drama.  In strolls Jo, confident, loud and full of ideas, I was a little more than intimidated.

Fast forward to 13 months ago, Jo and I are sat with a glass of wine in the New Forest catching up on gossip and life.  We have been friends since that day in the sleepy staffroom, supporting, humouring and annoying each other on the way.  Jo talked about a script she had written and a crazy idea she had, “Let’s take it to Edinburgh” and Two42 Theatre was born.

Since that conversation over a glass of wine there have been many others, deciding on the company’s name was more difficult than you can imagine, numerous suggestions were sent back and forth by text and email mostly met with “That is terrible.”  “No way” “Pretentious” but finally after a little negotiation we agreed on Two42 Theatre and I like it.