What a bizarre, chaotic, mad week.  Having never ‘done’ Edinburgh and constantly speaking to people who have years of experience, I find myself learning on route.  Sometimes I’m making mistakes, sometimes I’m overwhelmed and sometimes I’m just plain excited!  I do keep asking myself ‘What the heck are you doing?’ but it keeps coming back to the same answer:  I can’t live my life wondering if I should do it, time will run out and then it won’t be done and then what?  Regret not doing the things you should have done?  I don’t want to get to eighty and think ‘wish I’d had a go,’ I want to think, ‘yes, that was a great experience, learnt huge amounts, want to do more!’  I may feel differently at the end of August when I’m skinny, worn out, hardly able to speak anymore, let alone hand out another flyer, BUT I will be elated and uber proud of the performers and director that we had a go.

Securing the venue is the biggest challenge so far.  Glad to say we’ve secured a nice spot at TheSpace on the Mile, great location and dealing with real people who get back to you on the phone and email.  Bonus!

Now we just need to fill out some forms, plan the advertising campaign, sort out the ticket info and breath!  Small matter of fitting in rehearsals at some point will probably be a good idea too!

You can connect to more Edinburgh Fringe details here www.edfringe.com